Preface to the Second Edition

When the First Edition appeared online on June 12, 2019, it represented six years of work. I faced significant challenges as I wrote the book, but one of the greatest challenges was obtaining permissions from publishers to use copyrighted material in an open access, online format. Most publishers that I contacted were willing to grant permissions either for free or for a fee. I am very grateful to everyone who granted permission and made this difficult project possible.

Because of the many permissions required, I was not able to focus on updates in the First Edition and so many of the news articles that were cited in that edition were several years old. I made the decision to block access to the textbook on September 6, 2019 to update the “Following the Economic News” sections that appear at the end of each chapter. The Second Edition thus has been updated to include news items from the past 13 months. The text of each of the 20 chapters has not been altered since the publication of the First Edition on June 12, 2019, except for the updates to the 20 “Following the Economic News” sections at the end of each chapter.

I have not published the material from the First Edition or Second Edition anywhere, except on my Pressbooks webpage (, my Selected Works webpage (, and the ValpoScholar website ( I have no intention of publishing the book anywhere else, although links to the book may be found on several websites.

My time-stamped MS Word files for the First Edition and the Second Edition, with completion dates indicated at the end of the textbook, are available upon request to anyone who would like to verify my original authorship of this work. These time-stamped files are also part of the permanent record of the Valparaiso University Christopher Center for Library and Information Resources.

Daniel E. Saros

October 20, 2019


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