Brief Contents

PART ONE: An Introduction to Economic Theory

  • CHAPTER 1: The Discourse of Economics
  • CHAPTER 2: What is a Good Society?
  • CHAPTER 3: The Neoclassical Theory of Supply and Demand
  • CHAPTER 4: The Marxian Theory of Class Exploitation

PART TWO: Principles of Microeconomic Theory

  • CHAPTER 5: The Neoclassical Concept of Elasticity
  • CHAPTER 6: Theories of Utility Maximization
  • CHAPTER 7: Theories of Production Technology and the Cost of Production
  • CHAPTER 8: Theories of Intensely Competitive Markets
  • CHAPTER 9: Theories of Monopolistic Markets
  • CHAPTER 10: Theories of Imperfectly Competitive Markets
  • CHAPTER 11: Theories of the Labor Market

PART THREE: Principles of Macroeconomic Theory

  • CHAPTER 12: Macroeconomic Measurement
  • CHAPTER 13: The Theory of Effective Demand and the Neoclassical Synthesis Model
  • CHAPTER 14: Unorthodox Theories of Macroeconomic Crisis
  • CHAPTER 15: Theories of Financial Markets
  • CHAPTER 16: Money Supply Measures and Theories of Commercial Bank Behavior
  • CHAPTER 17: Monetary Theories and the Role of the Central Bank
  • CHAPTER 18: Theories of Government Budget Deficits and Debt

PART FOUR: Principles of International Economic Theory

  • CHAPTER 19: Theories of International Trade
  • CHAPTER 20: Balance of Payments Accounting and Theories of Currency Markets


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